Our falling snow machines create an incredibly realistic looking snow that falls gently and evaporates quickly when it falls on the floor or ground. No one has invented a snow machine that creates real falling snow, but we live in hope!

The machine creates snow that looks fantastic indoors and Outdoors. However, the machine itself needs to be protected from the weather as it is not completely rain proof - would work great outside if blown from an upstairs window! The snowflakes are self-clearing and leave no litter.

Easy to use, set up and control  - just add our ProFlake fluid, plug in to 13amp mains and you have snow. We supply these machines for hire on a weekly basis, delivered to your door. "Enquire Now" to check availability or make an enquiry.

We also have a complete range of professional machines designed for creating falling snow on Movies, TV and International arena events. The SB10 benefits from the knowledge and technology developed on these and is the best falling snow machine for home use. For more information on our other machines, please visit our main site here.

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