About Us

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Our story

You may or may not have heard of us, but chances are you’ve seen our snow. 

Our UK head office and our network of global partners have provided snow for some of the biggest films in cinema history, including Blade Runner 2049 (BAFTA for Best Visual Effects), James Bond, Star Wars and many, many more.

Our heritage is in film, but today our snow falls in all kinds of different locations. We can create spectacular scenes for television adverts, cover entire streets with snowfall, transform shopping centres into grottos, add sparkle to corporate events and create seasonal showstoppers in high street windows. 

Our business started over 35 years ago by Darcey Crownshaw, with just a few bags of fake snow made from recycled paper – a world first. Over the years, our passion for perfection in snow, has led us to develop new techniques, machines and materials; enabling us to create any winter effect you can imagine. 

Today, we continue to strive for snow products that fall as gently on the earth as the real thing and are working to add to our range or biodegradable and biocompostable products and packaging.

It’s an exciting time for our business as we continue to build upon what Darcey started thirty-five years ago and with our global distribution partners, we really can make it snow, anytime, anywhere.

Get in touch

Whether you’d like to place an order or want to ask us something, we’re here to help from 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday.

Call us: + 44 1453 840088
Email us: snowsupermarket@snowbusiness.com